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Paper Workshop

Apr 13th – 14th

Ellis van Hoof is a dutch artist, graduated Art & Design in the Netherlands. Having previously worked in the video mapping industry she created solo light installations as well as collaborating with artists and design studios. Her work makes us think about our perception, our experience and how the relationship between light and shadow can be a tool to influence this. In her recent work she creates porcelain and paper sculptures where repetition and play with the reflection of light creates the illusion of spaces and movement.

During the workshop we explore the possibilities of paper. Folding paper makes us think about shadows and light, or the reflection of light. Inspired by the Zero Art movement or the dutch Nul movement we research how minimalism and repetition can be a good starting point to create a interesting sculpture. Paper can be the perfect empty canvas to perfect the art of minimalism. Whether it is folding paper, stacking cutout paper or creating patterns with different techniques, there are lots of ways to get to know paper in a totally different way.