Our vision of slow life: sunny & sustainable

At our small, local scale, we aim to make Casa Mãe sustainable - a community driven, socially engaged and environmental conscious place.

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Local sourcing, from our vegetable garden to our concept store

We take local sourcing seriously as we believe this is the starting point of sustainability! We start with food with no carbon footprint: the seasonal veggies from our 6000sqm gardens and the eggs from our 200 chickens.

Putting faces on produce, we like that! We know personally all our suppliers, from the artisans and craftsmen who made Casa Mãe with us, down to our cured meat makers, our goat cheese artisan, our winemakers, our olive oil maker, our seafood lady… There are always stories and dedication behind what you find at Casa Mae.

This local sourcing is not only about food: more than 90% of what you find at Casa Mãe is made in Portugal. From the goods sold at our concept store proudly promoting emerging Portuguese artisans and brands to the cutlery, plates, chairs, tables, room furniture, robes and amenities – all are made in Portugal with care and love, most of them handmade just for us and the result of our dozens of collaborations.


We love green

It’s not just about promoting veggies over meat, it is an integral part of the Casa Mãe lifestyle

We promote permaculture and small & diverse productions. Our wines are natural, our teas organic, our almond milk homemade… whenever we can we always choose the most environmental friendly option. We use paper straws and biodegradable materials for take aways, trying to limit plastic as much as we can. We also aim to zero food waste, feeding our chickens with the restaurant and farm left overs. Quality over quantity always, this is also why there is no breakfast buffet at Casa Mãe.

Another example is Casa Mãe’s skincare. Entirely organic, made just for us with natural Portuguese ingredients and stocked in refillable clay pots made by a local artisan. It’s all in the details…


Fostering creativity in our community

Our approach to a slow life is also very personal and about finding one’s own healthy, happy balance. We believe that people will take time to recharge and find space for their own creativity in a peaceful and relaxing environment. We are trying to provide the space for this – by creating opportunities for inspiring people to come and share their vision and passion with us, with our guests and our community – whether that’s cooking, farming, weaving, ceramics, photography, running, meditating or painting, we welcome all creative minds passionate about their practice!

As with many coastal / beach destinations, Lagos is a seasonal city, busy and a little hectic in the summer, peaceful and quiet in the winter. Fighting the low season by encouraging creativity is our mission so we stay open all year round and contribute to the city’s winter renaissance - and guess what, winter has become our favourite season!