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Oliofora x Casa Mãe Natural Skincare

With Oliofora, the Portuguese natural skincare expert, we have developed a special and 100% natural range of face & body products and treatments to offer our guests an exclusive experience reflecting the concept of Casa Mae.

Oliofora offers a highly calibrated and sensorial phyto aromatic skincare alternative. The high-end handmade beauty products are made from the best raw material essences, extracted from organically grown plants, using cold press refining techniques to preserve all the natural nutriments of the plants.

Oliofora skincare relies on the power of the essential oils and plant extracts combined with “gold standard” actives such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, polyphenols, peptides and AHAs.

The skincare line includes face scrub, cleanser, toner and serum, face elixir oil, moisturing mask, purifying mask, and a range of hydrating creams and body oils, as well as our massage candle. Most of the products have the distinctive Casa Mae fragance recreating the scents of our gardens (figs, orange blossom) and diffused all over the spa facilities.

Inspired by the Oliofora x Casa Mae skincare, our therapists have developed exclusive beauty rituals for unprecedented sensorial journeys, relaxing or energizing according to our guests’ needs and desires - for our signature treatments, our therapists use our massage candle which combines the purest oils to our Casa Mae scent for a pure moment of relaxation.