Workshop - Nude Drawing

Feb 29th – Mar 1st

Alexandria is an artist from London, exploring the simplicity of the body and the therapeutic act of drawing. Using mainly line drawing as her tool of communication, her aim is to create portraits of sensuality, beauty and vulnerability of the naked form. Working from her studio in London, she also takes her drawing practices to more commercial projects and teaches a monthly life drawing salon across the city. Her classes seek to use drawing as a method of finding a more liberated view on the human body.

Drawing Workshop

Like traditional life drawing classes, we focus around the study of the human form. Though rather than learning perfect proportions and accuracy, we work on fluidity and abstraction. Running through a series of short exercise which will teach you to unwind and learn to look in another way. Our main aim is to start to co-ordinate what we see with what we put on the page. Classes are available for all levels and there will be time at the end for freestyle practice for those more experienced.