Camilla Reghenzi web BIG

Workshop Natural Skincare & Kombucha Making

Feb 22nd – 23rd

Camilla has started focusing her career around wellbeing, environment and creativity after years of travelling and inspiring experiences around the world. Based now in Manchester, she is the Production Manager of a Natural Skincare and Superfoods Independent Business and a facilitator of educational, creative and environmental workshops. Promoter of healthy and happy living, her work mainly focuses in helping people to make conscious choices that will make a difference for Themselves and the Environment.

22 Feb Organic Skincare Products & Candle Workshop

Explore how to prepare your own skincare such as moisturizers, face toners, body scrubs, from natural products & make your own candle.

23 Feb Kombucha and Fermented Food Workshop

Learn how to brew Kombucha brewing from SCOBY (Simbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) & how to prepare Kimchi from seasonal vegetables (that will be foraged from Casa Mãe’s orchard).