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Winter Creative Workshops

Nov 25th – Apr 12th

Each winter, Casa Mâe curates a selection of creative workshops – this year, we are inviting our favorite Algarve based creatives to come in & share a crafts moment with our guests & community! Most of them have their beautiful creations featured in our store, and some special collaboration pieces made just for Casa Mae - we are delighted & excited about hosting the workshops of all those talented creative minds!

We hope that you will enjoy our program, you can find the full details here

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information and for sign-ups! Our team is at your entire disposal.

Creative Crafts Workshops Calendar:


  • 2nd (Monday) – Ceramics with Catarina Gonçalves
  • 5th (Thursday) - Traditional weaving with Susana
  • 6th & 7th (Saturday) - The Art of Making Soap with Lele | Corpo Odaya
  • 5th (Thursday) - Traditional weaving with Susana
  • 13th (Friday) - Lavender sachet making with Jessica | Jantdesign


  • 4th (Saturday) – Macramé with Noémia | Braida
  • 11th (Saturday) – Ceramics with Catarina Gonçalves
  • 18th (Saturday) – Aromatic Candles with Katia | Casa Bohemia
  • 25th (Saturday) – Basket weaving with Ysa | Atelier Balancê


  • 4th (Saturday) – Jewellery with Christine | Mahny
  • 11th (Saturday) – Ceramics with Ana
  • 18th (Saturday) – Aromatic Candles with Katia | Casa Bohemia
  • 25th (Saturday) – Ceramics with Ana


  • 1st (Saturday) – Macramé with Noémia | Braida
  • 8th (Saturday) – Ceramics with Ana