Wellbeing and safe

Wellbeing & Safety

May 29th – Mar 31st

Lot of work behind the scenes with our c. 50 committed staff to redefine our standards in a war against this Covid ‘No Pasaran’!! It starts with extensive cleaning & disinfection – but also more privacy in the service, with tables, loungers separated by the necessary 2 meters, SPA occupancy limited to 2 at the same time (a treat!), and of course masks & gloves for our staff – but even if covered with masks, we will be attentive to your desires and count on us to make your stay the most memorable & relaxing experience!

We are certified Clean & Safe by Turismo de Portugal and have developed a comprehensive protocol with our safety consultant Norquali – a summary for our guests can be found here!

NOTES! To preserve the safety of our guests & casa, we have put a halt on our open door policy - anyone passing the doors will be checked. Since we started, our concept has been based on an open door policy, welcoming any kind of visitors and wanderers. This won’t be the case this summer, anyone willing to enter Casa Mãe will have to have a booking (and full contact details of all guests recorded) and will go through a temperature check through our infra red thermometer. We are sad to restrain access, but safety comes first.

Your Room: Deep Clean Areas, click there to see the details of our new cleaning procedures room deep clean areas