armando e jee

Branding & food photography workshop

Jan 12th – 13th

Program: here

Jee Chang is the Founder and Creative Director of UME; a leadership development and design studio committed to amplifying the feminine perspective and award-winning photographer Armando Rafael, specializing in food, travel and intimate interiors will be joining Casa Mae this winter in exploring the connection of brand strategy to photography.

Jee will bring the fundamentals of UME’s Connect Workshops, a brand strategy program for early-stage entrepreneurs that begins with building deep connections among the participants which supports a collaborative and holistic creative process. This will be a deep dive into articulating and synthesizing what your personal brand stands for, how you set yourself apart, and most importantly what your long-term vision is and how to stay focused on it.

Building upon your personal brand work, Armando will bring his creative insight, practical knowledge and technical expertise to show how to capture an image that aligns with your brand vision.

Bring your laptops and SLRs and spend a session learning how to effectively approach shooting various culinary presentations using natural light, understanding camera angles, settings and composition. Armando will teach the foundation and subtleties of how to capture the perfect image so you’ll have tools to evolve your own rich personal photographic style.

Be prepared to go deep and be open as we work together in intimate groups to unveil the true heart and expression of your organization. (All entrepreneurs at any stage are welcome.)

More info: +351 968 369 732